App Development

Our web design team transforms your ideas into a fully functional and visually appealing digital experience. We create websites that differentiate your brand from competitors, ensuring you capture your audience's attention.

App Development

Every business desires to be as close as possible to its customers. The best way to do is find a place in one of those gadgets which is used by them. An app dedicated for your business or even a gaming app can open a door to numerous possibilities. Imagine being connected to your audience in such a manner that they can connect to you anytime with the help of just a tap. Yes! JUST A TAP.

An App can Increase Your Revenue

You may come across apps which are free in the respective store, but still each month they make millions of money. The question is how? Well, apps also come with an option to advertise other apps and products.

The advertisers pay you in return. So, even if you not making your user pay for your app, advertisers will pay you whenever their advertisement is entertained by your user. Alternatively, some apps are also paid in nature. If you have a utility based app which can offer a range of benefits to a user it becomes easier for an owner to sell them.

Every app is marketable and can be easily converted into an opportunity for entertaining customers and generating revenue. NetFrendz can help you get the best app for your business and help you be intact with your audience. The market of app development in Kolkata is very narrow as there are only few professional app developers. However, we are glad that we are amongst one of the oldest app developers, who have kept the level of professionalism at its peak. Have an app concept? Why not let us know about the same? We can help! Quickly navigate to the Contact Us section and inch closer towards having your app!

Responsive Design

We make sure that your website works perfectly on all devices and is easy to read on all sizes of screens.


We design websites with SEO in mind to increase your site's visibility and rank higher on search engine results.

Fast Loading Times

Our designs adhere to best practices that ensure fast loading times, enhancing user experience and SEO.

Security Measures

We prioritize your site's security with SSL certification, secure coding practices, and regular security updates.

Your partner in digital success.

Our services are designed with a primary focus on the benefits they can bring to your business. We seek to streamline your processes and operations, utilizing the latest technologies to automate tasks and reduce overheads.

Pricing Plan

We believe in complete transparency in our pricing. Discover our competitive pricing structures that ensure your investment reaps significant rewards.

Startup Package

Ideal for startups


Per Month

Pro Package

Great for growing businesses


Per Month

Elite Package

Best for large businesses


Per Month

Pricing FAQs

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What does your web design service include?

Our web design service is comprehensive and includes planning, designing, building, and maintaining your website. We focus on creating visually engaging and user-friendly websites that align with your brand's identity and objectives.

Can you redesign my existing website?

Yes, we can. We offer website redesign services to modernize and enhance existing websites, improving aesthetics, functionality, and overall user experience.

How long does it take to design a website?

The timeframe for website design varies based on the project's complexity and the client's specific requirements. However, we always strive to deliver within the agreed-upon deadlines.

Do you ensure my website is mobile-friendly?

Yes. All websites we design are responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to the screen size of the device they're viewed on, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Do you offer custom website design?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on creating custom websites that are uniquely tailored to each client's specific needs and preferences. We work closely with you to understand your vision and translate it into a compelling and effective website.

Can I update the website myself after it is built?

Yes. We build websites on content management systems that allow you to update content on your own. We also provide training and support to help you manage your site.

Our success, echoed by our clients

Our clients share their experiences of transformation and growth. Unfiltered feedback and the true testament to our service quality.

We now have a fantastic website that perfectly encapsulates the essence of our company thanks to them. Their service has exceeded all of our expectations, making us extremely happy.
Samantha Milner
Mindful LLC
Thanks to the hard work of the team, our company now has a state-of-the-art website that is also incredibly easy to navigate. Their digital marketing prowess is undeniable, and they should be commended for it.
Mike Johnson
DEF Technologies
They have a team that is not only extremely knowledgeable but also very professional and quick to respond to any inquiries. They have proven to be an outstanding digital partner for us to collaborate with.
Emma Smith
GHI Industries