Google Services

With Google becoming the kingpin of search engines, nowadays every business tries to associate itself with as many Google Services as possible. This gives the websites an opportunity to enhance their overall presence on the internet and be bestowed with better ranks on Google Search Engine. NetFrendz can help you to be a player of all Google services and dynamize your website’s performance.

Get listed on Google Maps

The objective of every online business is to become reachable to its audience. Integrating your place of business on Google Maps can help your clients to reach you. NetFrendz is a one-stop solution for you to have your business listed on the Google Maps and be blessed with a better visibility. The best feature of Google Maps is that once you get listed, you are always on their map and even if a person makes a search for a business which is situated near you, the name of your business will also be highlighted in the map. In a nutshell, whenever a search is made in your area of listing, your business name will also be shown irrespective of the related search.

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Google Analytics for Reports

With aid of Google Analytics, it is possible to track down every single visit made on your website. Moreover, factors such as comparison between periods, trends, time of visit, location of visits, etc., can be tracked down with ease. The data are then used to analyse and study the website’s performance. Our SEO experts take things to another level by combing these data with the prevailing trends and then preparing an encompassing digital marketing plan for your business. This makes the whole process accurate and prone to lesser complications.

Sell with Google Merchants

One of the latest additions to the list is Google Merchants. With this service, a seller can list his products with Google and whenever a related search query appears, Google would show the respective product. However, this service is chargeable by Google. NetFrendz can make arrangements for this service as well and you can have direct leads onto your website who are ready to buy your products at your mentioned price.

Apart from these services from Google, there are also other services from Google which are offered by us. Google Webmasters and Google App Optimization are few to name.