Marketplace is a new business concept that has been generating tons of profits for people who do not have anything specific to sell. Yes, you read it right! There are numerous website on the internet who simply help a customer to compare products from different websites and purchase. However, sale is registered in name of the website through which the product was browsed.

NetFrendz can help you create a website which functions as a marketplace and allow visitors to browse, shortlist and purchase products from a third party website. Imagine owning a website where all that you are required to do is integrate with other e-Commerce stores and enjoy sales. You are not required to maintain you stocks, nor are you required to change your products from time to time. Just a one-time integration and categorization will do the honours for you.

Multiple e-Commerce Store at one point

There are thousands of e-Commerce websites who compete amongst themselves to grab the audience’s attention. In that case, do you want to your online business to be just like them? Marketplace is a new kind of website where you can integrate numerous e-Commerce portals and help them get you sales. You will be advertising their products and be selling the products on their website. But, sales amount would go to your bank account and the deliver will also take place under your business name.

Marketplace Image

Now there may be several questions striking your mind. How to get a marketplace website? What is the procedure of such website development? Will payments be directly be made to the website owner’s bank account? To have your questions answered, feel free to get in touch with us, where our web developers will help you understand business concept as well as prospects of the website in a detailed manner.

Marketplace websites have gained fame in the past 2 years. It is a relatively fresh business concept with minimum hassle. Smart businessmen, now a day, prefer to generate profits rather than indulge themselves in stiff competition. This is why they are constantly looking for alternative channels which has low competition and greater potential to attract audience.