Online Reputation Management

With business and competition, there is always a probability that there would be some negative reviews. Though it is always difficult to ascertain whether those negative reviews are genuine or an act of the competitor, NetFrendz can help you to overcome this barrier through online reputation management.

Online Reputation Management is a dynamic tool which takes into account the influence of a brand on the public and discovering potentials to overcome the shortcomings and handling negative feedback. Most businesses have often failed to realize that reputation management is as important as marketing itself. It is a well-known fact that marketing helps you generate leads and sales, but on the other hand, online reputation management helps you to keep a positive image of your business. This makes it an integral part of every business planning.

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Key factors for Online Reputation Management

At NetFrendz, we believe in implementing an exhaustive plan to encounter the impacts of negative feedback. There are a variety of actions which are taken with a view to promote a positive image of the business. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

·    Immediate follow-up for negative feedback- One of the most genuine way to deal with negative feedback is to enquire about its reason. The negative feedback should be questioned with utmost modesty and the customers/ audience should be requested to give the business a second chance.

·    Clearing rumours from facts- At times, there may be a situation where the defamation is intentional. Under such condition, the rumours should be set aside with concrete facts and evidences. If law permits, then defamatory suit can also be levied on the other party. A successful action can double the existing reputation in the market.

·    Promoting positive content: Even if a business had previously faced some charges, the new strategy should be to promote positive content by showcasing the positivity which the business is bringing to the society, such as helping orphan homes, fighting against child labour, etc.

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