Email Marketing

The golden rule for any business is to reach its customers at their comfort zone. Email and Web SMS Marketing is the new approach towards marketing. Imagine using a channel that gives you the liberty to get in touch with your clients through modes which are considered as personal. This is bound to establish a direct contact with your targeted audience and help you get valuable leads.

The power of Email Marketing

Research suggests that about 35% of online sales comes from e-Mail marketing. When your mail reaches the customer in their inbox, it gives them a chance to view your offering in personal. They can learn about your latest offer, discount, sale period and much more. A catchy subject line adds privilege to your email marketing campaign and hence, the possibility of converting the approach increases by almost 70%.

Most of the e-Commerce websites and service providers use email marketing as it hits the targeted audience personally and gives them a chance to view things in detail. NetFrendz offers an encompassing email marketing solution whereby your business can also cash in and make decent sales.